Come visit.

Each Sunday from 10AM - 2PM, vendors, shoppers, musicians and friends gather at the Schenectady Greenmarket and enjoy live music, kids crafts and over sixty vendors who produce everything they sell.

May - October: Outside City Hall

November - April: Inside Proctors


Free parking

Image  via Bear Design Co.

Image via Bear Design Co.

Free parking is available within walking distance of both City Hall (for the outdoor market, May - Oct) and Proctor’s Theatre (for the indoor market, Nov - Apr) in the Broadway parking garage, as well as in six surface lots. All lots are handicap-accessible.

Please note: On Sundays when Proctors is presenting a show, there will be a fee for parking in the lot directly behind Proctors (Clinton South lot). Schenectady Greenmarket customers may use this parking lot without charge until 12:30pm on these dates, after which standard parking rates apply.

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All of our vendors accept cash, and many also accept credit and debit cards, if you don’t have cash you can purchase market tokens at the market table using credit, debit or EBT/SNAP cards.

Using market tokens:

  • $5 tokens may be purchased with credit or debit cards.

  • $1 tokens may be purchased with EBT/SNAP cards.

  • Market tokens never expire.

  • Cash is given as change, for $5 tokens. (Vendors cannot give tokens as change.)

  • Schenectady Greenmarket Tokens can only be used at Schenectady Greenmarket.

Fresh Connect Checks:

The Governor’s Office has sponsored a program for the past few years called Fresh Connect. For every $5 you purchase on your EBT/SNAP card, you receive a $2 coupon that can be used directly with vendors (for acceptable products) at the market. This program increases your purchasing power by 40%. For example, if you spend $10 in EBT, you’ll get an extra $4 in checks – giving you a total of $14 to spend at the market.

EBT/SNAP and Fresh Connects eligible products include:

  •  fruits and vegetables

  • breads

  • meat, fish and poultry

  • dairy products

  • maple and honey products

  • seeds and plants which produce food

  • baked goods: wrapped, labeled and intended for home consumption

  • value-added foods, such as jams, sauces, soup mixes, etc.

Products which cannot be purchased include:

  • beer, wine or liquor

  • tobacco products

  • nonfood items

  • food meant to be eaten on site

  • hot foods

  • vitamins and medicines

Animals at the market

Outdoor Market

The Schenectady Greenmarket welcomes well behaved dogs during the outdoor market season.

To look out for your dog and fellow patrons, we do ask that you leave your dog at home on especially hot days. 

 Our expectations for dogs and their owners are:

  • Owners must keep dogs on a leash at all times. Leashes must be four feet or less and be non-extendable. 

  • Dogs must be in your control and at your side. Keep your dog away from produce, plants, food and other people.

  • Aggressive, untrained dogs should not be brought to the market. If your dog is not approachable by people of all ages, or comfortable around other dogs, please leave your dog at home.

  • Clean up after your dog.

  • If your dog expresses aggressive, loud, or uncontrollable behavior, or if you do not pick-up after your dog, Market management may ask you to remove your dog from the Market due to health and safety concerns.

As the safety of our customers and vendors is paramount, all other animals are subject to the discretion of Market management. 

Indoor Market

In accordance with Proctors Theater’s policy: only service animals are allowed in the indoor market. No pets.